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Algeo’s Journey to “Building the Individual through Education” Read more…

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Choose from our vast array of courses stored in our library or select an instructor-led course for a more focused approach to learning. Either method will increase your knowledge and improve your skills

Talk to Our Experts

Our Expert instructors are always available to answer any questions you may have. Understanding and guiding our students is the primary focus of our company.

Communicate with People

Connect with other students, graduates and users to share experiences.



Business Skills

Including leadership development, business acumen, building teams and relationships, self-management, and effective communications.

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Desktop Skills

Including Windows and iOS, MS Office applications, Social Media and various devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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IT Skills

Including security, cloud computing, software development, networking and project management.

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Algeo’s curriculum prepares individuals, groups and organizations for Professional Certification. There are nearly 200 Industry Certifications available globally and can be taken upon completion of respective courses. Algeo is uniquely positioned to build the participant from initiation to completion, including Industry level Certifications.

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Custom Curriculum

Algeo takes pride in custom tailoring solutions to build the individual or groups. Each of our solutions combines core courses with individually selected relevant courses to deliver a total curriculum in the field of choice. We feel that delivering a single eLearning course is not enough to properly prepare the person, but rather the beginning of a transformation.

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The ability to learn at my pace, and knowing that I could ask for help and continue, made taking these courses very easy. I look forward to taking higher level courses and growing my knowledge base. Thank you for helping me succeed.

Jessica White

Extensive library of courses, support and direction throughout the entire course helped me pass my certification. Choosing several courses at different times expands my marketability and helps me find a better paying job.

A BIG Thank you !!

Luz Ramos

We incorporated the eLearning system in our schools and saw an immediate result. Our graduates were hired faster, held better positions and were more knowledgeable than other schools who had students with only IT background. We will begin incorporating other classes in our curriculum.

Thank you