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How are these course different than what is provided in school?

These courses provide for a broader and deeper understanding of the subject. In addition to the fundamentals, each area is enhanced with current and focused requirements by the industry. Timely and relevant course material is administered so those passing the Certification exams have a shorter learning cycles in industry.

Who benefits from these courses?

The very first benefactor is the person completing the course. A student graduating with a Certification has a much better opportunity in companies seeking that kind of skills than one without. Companies benefit because the learning cycle is much shorter and productivity of that individual is quicker. Company employees taking our courses internally also increase knowledge. Colleges benefit because more students from their classes are hired, thereby increasing prestige. Finally, Government benefits as they increase their talent pool, thereby attracting more businesses. Benefits are realized through education.

What is required to take these courses?

The most basic requirements from individual point of view are commitment, drive and dedication to complete. From a educational point of view, basic fundamental knowledge of the subject matter is required so that the person signing up has a high percentage of success. For example, a person wanting to take a course in Java, must have Basic Knowledge of Programming, and if they do not, that would be the first course to take before attempting Java. Also if a person wishes to change careers, must start with basics. Our goal is to prepare each student and ensure that their foundations are sound before undertaking higher level courses.

How do I find better employment once I complete the required courses?

As one gets closer to completion, we will assist in circulating the credentials to various employers who are looking for those skills.

Can I take these courses on my own?

Courses can be taken at your own pace, either at a location provided or at your prefered location. Once completed, to take the Certification exam, you will be required to attend an accredited location.

What is the length of the course?

Each has their own length, but individuals are encouraged to invest in completing the courses ahead of the end time. This will demonstrate to potential employers the drive of the individual.

Can I enroll in multiple courses?

Individuals can enroll in multiple courses, technical and non-technical, but pre-requisite courses must be completed before advanced courses can be taken. Remember, we are looking out for your success.

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