• Online Learning
  • Instructor Lead Training
  • Custom Curriculum
  • Hybrid Learning

Online Learning

A cloud enabled system ensures accessibility regardless of Global location. Implementation time is significantly reduced with a cost efficient way to deliver learning solutions with focused attention to detail. Our unique approach ensures that individuals who complete our courses and pass their certification exams are multiple times higher in finding a higher paying job.

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Instructor Lead Training

For a more in-depth training, our Instructor Lead Training provides the one on one attention which ensures a lasting experience.

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Custom Curriculum

Algeo’s Custom Curriculum approach is developed to build individuals and groups utilizing innovative processes and content to quickly and effectively close an ever widening gap between hiring companies and individuals.

The unique approach specializes in bringing its user’s up to date educational content in IT skills, business skills, desktop skills, soft skills and overall general knowledge. The curriculum administered enhances the individual’s capability and ability to become a functional individual in the work force.

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Hybrid Learning

Algeo is a Solution based eLearning company which employs multiple venues in achieving its goal – To increase the knowledge level of the individual. Although eLearning is one method in Algeo’s methodology, we also deliver Instructor Led Training, Hybrid models and individual lessons.

The majority of our delivery is a Hybrid model as we deliver instructor led training to individuals that will Govern the programs. We also conduct Train the Trainer courses.

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About Algeo eLearning

Algeo eLearning is the perfect partner in delivering the next wave of knowledgable resources to industry.


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  • Governance and Oversight with each class

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Congratulations to All !

Congratulations to all the recent graduates who have received their certification. Your new found knowledge will enable you to get a better job, higher pay and a better quality of life. Now go and follow your destiny!